Adding video to your website gives a personal touch to you site and page. It allows interaction with your customers' and yourself, -- adding real value to your site. Not only can they read from your site, by adding video they can see, hear and get a better understanding of what you are trying to convey over the web.

In this day and age people are too busy to call companies and listen to an automated annoucer and punch their way through endless menu listings on a phone. It is much easier, faster and less time consuming for todays customers' to surf the web to get information and do research on the products and services that they need. This leaves out any human and personal interactions. By adding video, it brings you that much closer to nteracting with your customer' decisions on your company'sproducts and services.

BlackIce Innovations offers that personal touch to your website by conveying human interactions via streaming video over the web. The power of sight, sound and motion adds depth to your website to attract customers.